Why Join?

MOMS Club of Orange bench at Handy Park
One of Two Benches at Handy Park

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking to connect with other moms? 

MOMS Club of Orange has over 50 other moms. Our member-driven calendar provides events for most weekdays. Each member receives a monthly calendar as well as a roster. You can instantly connect with other moms. Email us to sign-up today! 

Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Would you like to have play dates with kids your children's age?

Our club has multiple age-appropriate playgroups that meet once per month. This provides you the opportunity to socialize your little one with kids their same age. *Bonus: You can chat with mommies that are most likely going through the same struggles you are. 


Annual Garage Sale
Annual Garage Sale

Dear Mom, 
Please take me to the park. Please, please, please. 

Our member-driven calendar allows you to setup play dates around your schedule so that your little ones can look forward to park days with their friends.

Annual Trunk 'n Treat Party
Annual Trunk & Treat

Do you wonder what you will do with your children for the holidays?

Don't worry! MOMS Club of Orange has you covered. We have a variety of kids parties like Valentine's Day, Easter, End of School, Back to School, Halloween and a party with Santa. *Bonus: We have parties for just the moms too. 

Homemade Treats for Treats in the Streets
Homemade Treats for Treats in the Streets

Are you looking for an opportunity to get involved in the community?

MOMS Club of Orange stays involved in community events as a way to fundraise and recruit new members to our club. We are always looking for moms that are eager to volunteer! 

Treats in the Streets Booth
Treats in the Streets Booth

Are you in desperate need for a reason to get out of the house? 

Join one of our play dates! MOMS Club of Orange has a member-driven calendar that offers something to do almost daily. You can get some fresh air and let your children get their wiggles out.

Annual Family Night Out Bake off
Annual FNO Bake Off

Want events that the whole family can attend?

We have a Family Night Out once a month that gives your other family members an opportunity to meetup. Typically these are held at a park or a kid-friendly restaurant for dinner. 


11 baskets donated to Friendly Center Turkey Drive
11 Baskets for Friendly Center

Looking for a way to teach your children about giving to others?

MOMS Club of Orange has several opportunities each year for you to get involved. We have sent cards to other areas after recent tragedies as well as donated items to help feed those in need.

MNO Friendsgiving
MNO Friendsgiving Dessert

Are you in need of a mom tribe?

Join MOMS Club of Orange and you will have over 50 women you can bond with. We have Mom's Night Out once a month. Our MNO range from game night to karaoke and our biggest party of the year - our end of the year themed party. 

Kids Holiday Craft
Craft for Kids Holiday Party

Do you need advice on how to get your little one to potty-train?

Join our private Facebook group! MOMS Club of Orange has a private Facebook group for members only. Mom advice is just a click away. 

Kids Valentine Exchange
Cookies for Kids Valentine's Day Party

Want to grab a coffee while your kids are in school?

MOMS Club of Orange has J.U.M.P. events that are geared towards moms who's kids are in school. Come join one of our Just Us Mom's Play events today.